Stand with Striking Wal-Mart Workers!

Walmart workers in 12 cities across the country are staging the longest strike in Walmart history!

They have been standing up and fighting for fair wages and working conditions – and they've been retaliated against every step of the way.

Now they're taking their message directly to Walmart's headquarters for the annual shareholders' meeting on June 7.

Stand with the Walmart strikers! Add your name to their petition.

To Walmart CEO Mike Duke:

"I'm standing with Walmart workers and calling on you to publicly commit to raise wages and increase access to full time hours so that no workers at Walmart make less than $25,000 per year.

Walmart is among the most profitable companies in the US and is owned by the Walton Family, the richest family in America, yet many workers at Walmart must rely on food stamps and even go hungry because of lack of hours and low wages.

Walmart can do better. You can start to solve these problems by treating your workers with respect, paying them a living wage, and providing them with the hours they want and the staffing levels you need -- and not silencing them when they speak up for their rights."

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