Sign the Petition “Say NO to NRA Proposal for More Armed Guards in Schools”

The Center for Community Alternatives joins youth, parents, Civil Rights, Education and Law Enforcement organizations to express our sympathy and concern over the tragic events in Newtown Connecticut and urging initiatives that increase real public safety without creating school environments that resemble penal institutions.  The Center calls attention to a youth of color-led call to action: “Say NO to NRA Proposal for More Armed Guards in Schools.” To sign the petition go to

For more information on ways to stop gun violence read the briefing paper prepared by the Dignity in Schools Campaign and other coalition partners, which makes a strong case for not increasing police presence in our schools.  Among the key findings are:

  • Schools remain remarkable safe places
  • Increasing police presence in school has primarily resulted in more young people entering the juvenile and criminal justice system with lifelong negative consequences for their future employment and higher education.
  • Harsh school discipline, including school-based arrests, particularly impacts students of color and students with disabilities.
  • Solutions to violence require addressing root causes, investing in prevention and mental health services both in the community and in schools. 
  • Solutions to violence require sensible and sane gun control laws.

To read the full Briefing click here.

Center for Community Alternatives
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