Sign This Petition for Rush Hospital Meridian Mississippi

The Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights (MWCFHR) has created a petition on behalf of the Rush Hospital in Meridian, Mississippi, to challenge workplace hostility and racial dicrimination

On Tuesday June 11, 2013 Tomecca Pickett and Pamela Gowdy, employees of Rush Health Systems (Central Mississippi Family Health Clinic), located in Meridian, MS, were placed on administrative leave after they were victims of a workplace hate crime.

The women had been complaining to their employer about unfair treatment and discrimination. Because they dared to take a stand, they were targeted and retaliated against. On Wednesday, June 5 racist graffiti appeared on the women’s bathroom wall. The message was: “Niggers got to go”. That message was sent to five African American women including Tomecca and Pamela whose names appeared on the bathroom wall. In addition a white female who had spoken out against discrimination at the hospital was also sent a message on the bathroom wall where she was called a “Nigger Lover”.

When Pickett and Gowdy spoke out against this racist act they were forced to give so called hand writing samples to administration and questioned as if they had committed the hate crime. When they raised concerns about the so called investigation they were suspended and later told they were placed on administrative leave. How can the victims of a hate crime be the objects of punishment and retaliation? Across the country workers of color are the constant victims of racial hostility and discrimination while trying to make a living. Send a strong message to Rush Hospital System. Demand the immediate reinstatement of Tomecca Pickett and Pamela Gowdy.

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