RWG Asks You to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform That Protects Human Rights

Dear RWG Members & Allies,

We hope this message reaches you well. As the support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform continues on the Hill and across the Nation, we want to make sure that calls for reform uplifts the dignity and human and civil rights of all those impacted by the current un-just system. We are working with Members of Congress who share our belief that CIR must include basic due process rights such as requiring those detained by immigration authorities to have access to counsel, have a fair hearing before a judge and most importantly uplift the full civil rights and liberties granted by the Constitution. We are working with Members of Congress to ensure interior and exterior enforcement measures explicitly reject racial, religious and ethnic profiling and that all agencies involved in enforcement employ a level of transparency to ensure accountability of their actions.

We know none of these ideals will be easily achieved without grassroots mobilization, grassroots pressure and constituent accountability. In this critical moment, we are asking you to call and/or visit your elected Member of Congress and ask them to please sign-on to a Letter to Senate and House Leadership that CIR MUST PROTECT DUE PROCESS RIGHTS, CIVIL RIGHTS AND CIVIL LIBERTIES. The sign on letter is being led by Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27th). The time is now for CIR that uplifts our values. [READ THE LETTER]

Contact your Member of Congress TODAY and ask them to sign-on to Congresswoman Chu's Letter. Interested members can contact Congresswoman Chu's staffer, Moh Sharma at to sign on. The deadline for Members of Congress to sign on is Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

This is the time for our elected officials to be on the right side of justice and create a world we all can live in without fear. If you need help contacting your lawmakers, please contact any of the RWG staff to assist you. Thank you for all you do.


Rights Working Group

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