Drop The Appeal, Start NYC Stop-and-Frisk Reform

From the Center for Constitutional Rights:

On October 31st, the Court of Appeals halted the reform process of New York City’s stop-and-frisk policy when it granted the city’s request to stay the remedies that Judge Shira Scheindlin had ordered in her landmark ruling in August. In a shocking move, the appeals court also removed the judge from the case, Floyd v. City of New York, and reassigned it to another judge.

Justice has been delayed, but CCR is here to make sure that it will not be denied. We need your help. Please give today and stand with CCR in this struggle to help make sure we prevail.

And please help us keep the political pressure on the incoming mayor to drop the city’s appeal.

It’s important to emphasize that Thursday's ruling does not overturn the judge’s decision or the reforms of the city’s unconstitutional practices that she ordered; it only delays the implementation of those reforms. The historic ruling in Floyd was based on over 8,000 pages of testimony and evidence in a nine-week trial that overwhelming demonstrated what millions of New Yorkers have known first-hand for years: that the NYPD routinely racially profiles and illegally stops people.

Thursday’s ruling created an immediate uproar throughout the communities that have been most impacted by stop and frisk, among legal scholars and experts and in the media. The New York Times on Friday morning called it “unwise” and said, “Given all the damage done by this program, the next mayor should end this saga by withdrawing the city’s appeal and instituting the cogent reforms laid out by Judge Scheindlin.”

Please take action and urge the mayor-elect to stand on the right side of history. Sign this petition and add your name to the growing chorus of people calling on the next mayor to DROP THE APPEAL.

CCR has stood alongside communities, partners and allies in the fight against discriminatory policing for over 15 years, and we won’t – we can’t – stop now. Please give today and help us bring this fight home so that we can finally bring about that day that when no New Yorker has to “live in fear of being stopped whenever he leaves his home to go about the activities of daily life,” in Judge Scheindlin’s words.


Center for Constitutional Rights
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