CCR Urges You to Call the White House and Sign Statement: Close Guantanamo Now

On September 8, Adnan Farhan Abdul Latif became the ninth man to die at Guantánamo Bay since the US began detaining Muslim men and boys there more than a decade ago.  Mr. Latif died alone in his cell, thousands of miles from his home and family in Yemen, after spending close to 4,000 days in detention. More men have died in the prison camp than have been convicted by a civilian court or by the military commissions system at Guantánamo.

There are now 167 men remaining at Guantanamo, 86 of whom have been unanimously cleared for release by the responsible US government agencies. The politically-driven failure to free these men – by repatriating or resettling them – is unforgivable.  The Obama administration must confront the devastating, sometimes irreversible, toll Guantanamo takes on its prisoners.

Call the White House today at 202-456-1111, 202-456-6213 (TTY) and demand that Obama close Guantanamo now. Tell Obama:

“I condemn the tragic death of Mr. Adnan Latif, the ninth Guantanamo prisoner to die in the almost 11 years that the prison has been in operation.  It is past time for you, President Obama, to close Guantanamo and to resettle or repatriate the men you do not intend to prosecute.  You should begin by transferring the 86 men who have been unanimously approved for release by your own appointed Guantanamo Review Task Force.  56 of those cleared men (more than one-third of the entire prison population) are Yemeni, as Mr. Latif was, and are trapped by your self-imposed ban on transfers to Yemen.  Mr. Latif’s death is a call to you, President Obama, to lift the ban and to finally turn the page on Guantanamo’s shameful history."

Go to the CCR link to learn more about and sign the petition calling for the closure of Guantanamo.