Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council urges Governor Deal Veto HB 361 and SB 179

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There are bad ideas, then there are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ideas. And there were plenty of terrible ideas that extremist legislators and their corporate pals in Atlanta pushed through this year that would be devastating to working families. 

Two of the most dangerous bills are HB 361 and SB 179. Neither of these bills would create any jobs. Instead, HB 361 would impose new, burdensome requirements for small businesses and employees to follow and take away their ability to have a voice on the job by undermining their union. SB 179 would stop local communities from being able to hire skilled, Georgia workers for taxpayer-funded projects.

Because of you, we were able to defeat other nasty legislation that hurt workers. 

We need you for one final push to defeat these two anti-working family bills. Call Gov. Nathan Deal right now at 1-888-973-0376 and tell him to veto them.

Here are some talking points for your call:

  • I’m calling you to ask you to veto two bills that attack Georgia’s working families and hurt business and local communities: HB 361 and SB 179.
  • Yet again, our legislators chose to focus on bills that do nothing to create jobs.
  • HB 361 would burden businesses and employees with unnecessary administrative provisions and undermine workers’ right to have their unions speak up for them on the job.
  • SB 179 is no better. It would restrict local governments from being able to hire local, skilled workers for construction projects and let out-of-state contractors take these contracts and bring in out-of-state workers to do the job.
  • Please stand up for Georgia's working families and veto HB 361 and SB 179.

If we put enough pressure on Gov. Deal—like we did with our legislators throughout this year—I know we can have these bills thrown into the trash can of history as terrible ideas.

Call 1-888-973-0376 TODAY and tell Gov. Deal: Stand with working families and veto HB 361 and SB 179.

Always In Solidarity,

Dewey McClain

President, Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council

Dewey McClain
Publication Date: 
Apr 19, 2013
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