Women of Color (CERD Shadow Report, 2008)

This report will examine the treatment of women from racial minorities in the United States (“women of color”). We will show violations of CERD articles 2 and 5 by highlighting three specific situations:
•• violations of the right to education and health for girl child farm laborers, who are primarily Latina;
•• violations of the right to work for transgender women of color; and
•• violations of the right to bodily security and health for women of color in prison.
We focused on women of color to support the Committee’s effort to explicitly recognize how gender shapes the way racial discrimination affects different people, and to make marginalized women of color more visible. In fact, these communities are so invisible that, except for women of color in prison, no accurate numbers exist to describe their situations. They need the international community’s oversight and intervention to  recognize the human rights that are being violated and provide recommendations for redress.