Webinar recording: How to effectively advocate in US for the UPR

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Watch this webinar recording (recorded January 22, 2015) on how to effectively advocate for your human rights issues as part of the UPR (or Universal Periodic Review). The webinar covers opportunities and best practices for maximizing your time with the various UN member government representatives who are responsible for bringing your issues before the UN committee charged with reviewing the U.S. This webinar provides guidance on the following:
  • Plans for Diplomacy Dialogues: Country Consultations in DC and NYC;
  • How to effectively utilize the consultations and other advocacy opportunities;
  • How to find and send your one-page advocacy document to different UN member government representatives;
  • USHRN’s plans for advocating in Geneva prior to the review in May; 
  • And more important details about the next phase of the process.
If you have not submitted a report, have not joined a working group yet, have not yet completed your one-pager, or have now-what questions about your one-pager, this is a critical time for getting started and getting answers. 
Resources mentioned during the call include: