Watch Now! Documentary Featuring USHRN US Civil Society Delegation During the CAT Review (Nov 2014)

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National and local civil society organisations (CSOs) play an important role in the effective implementation of the UN Convention against Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Their involvement at the different stages of the State reporting process of the Convention’s monitoring body, the Committee against Torture (CAT), is vital for its success.

This documentary shows the impressive engagement of CSOs from the Unites States of America with the CAT: their coalition building and preparation for the US review, their interventions and advocacy activities during the State review as well their ideas for follow-up actions towards the implementation of the Concluding Observations adopted by the CAT. The documentary also contains interviews with Members of the CAT who give useful advice to CSOs around the world who wish to engage in the CAT reporting process.

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