Template letter to state authorities regarding US review under ICCPR

The ICCPR Taskforce has drafted a template letter which can be sent by your organization to state and local authorities to encourage them to get involved in the ICCPR Review process.  This letter is meant to inform state and local authorities about the ICCPR review process, highlight the lack of adequate input from state and local governments, and use specific topics raised in the list of issues to invite responses and input through the U.S. State Department.  This is timely, given that we expect a 30-page written response from the U.S. Government to the list of issues due June 28th.

This letter is merely a template and the contents are merely a suggestion.  Please feel free to adapt this template for your own use given your particular relationship with your state and local authorities. 

Please feel free to contact ICCPR Taskforce Member Lauren Bartlett at (202) 895-4556 or bartlett@wcl.american.edu with questions or if you would like to talk through how to adapt and use this template letter in your own working environment.  Lauren can put you in touch with additional taskforce members who are also available as resources. 

-Lauren E. Bartlett, on behalf of the US Human Rights Network’s ICCPR Taskforce