SEAFN Video 1: Our Survival

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Our Southeast Asian American community has been fighting deportation for almost 2 decades, since the 1996 US immgration laws passed and since 2002 when Cambodia signed the repatriation agreement with the US. We have hustled and struggled with determination and love to overturn policies that target our community members with past criminal convictions, and their families, for separation.

This year, 2015, marks 40 years since Southeast Asian communities began being resettled in the US after being displaced from our home countries. It is in this year that we rise up as a UNITED Southeast Asian community and demand an end to further displacement of our people through deportation. In this 40th year, the Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN) comes to you with a new strategy!

During September 2015, 1Love Movement toured the United States to capture the struggles, voices, and visions of Southeast Asian community impacted by deportation. We will release 1 short video on the 3rd Saturday of every month from October till April to build power and a deeper understanding of our community struggle and vision for the future.

This is the first of a six part series that will give a deeper understanding of our community through our voices and experiences as we move forward a campaign to end deportation and displacement, and reunite our families.

For more information about the campaign, please visit 1LoveMovement's website at

SEAFN Campaign Series: VIDEO 1 Our Survival