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Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance Website

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In April of 2011 the City of Pittsburgh became the 5th Human Rights City in the United States. In doing so, it promised to “provide leadership and advocacy to secure, protect, and promote human rights for all people” and to be “a model for communities in the United States and around the world.” This Action Plan draws from work of local activists to identify proposals for change that will help us achieve these commitments. It is intended to be a dynamic, evolving document that can guide our actions and support community cooperation that will make ours a city where there is dignity and justice for everyone.

The Human Rights City initiative recognizes that leadership for positive social change will not start in our national capitals; it will only come from the people. We cannot wait for changes in national policy, but we need to become a living example to show that a society based on human rights is possible. A key lesson from history is that any work to lift up a community requires popular struggle and conscious attention to the particular needs of historically oppressed and marginalized groups. This includes people of color, Indigenous peoples, women, LGBTQIA people, immigrants, people with disabilities, youth, older adults, and future generations.

As public servants in our Human Rights City, elected officials are required to see that the policies they support and enact help reduce inequalities in our community and that they do not impose new harms on vulnerable groups. The Human Rights City Alliance is committed to working with elected officials and community leaders and residents to develop and implement new policies and practices that will help us be a city where there truly is dignity and justice for all of us.

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