The People's First 100 Days

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In September 2012, over 250 grassroots community leaders from throughout the South came together at the Southern Movement Assembly in Lowndes County, Alabama. There they planned the People's First 100 Days, a series of coordinated regional actions and community assemblies aimed at building a Southern Freedom Movement. Starting the day after the elections, the People's First 100 Days aims to build community, activate new strategies, develop infrastructure, and build the Southern Freedom Movement from the ground up.

JOIN THE PEOPLE'S FIRST 100 DAYS! Support this campaign and work toward liberation in the South.

• Sign up online now Commit to the People's 100 Days Campaign as an individual or organization.

Declare it online! http:

• Join the actions We will connect you to what's happening!

• Join an Action Committee: Collaborate with Southern folks engaged in work across the South. Contact to join the next call.

Action committees include:

1. National Student Bill of Rights: led by young people under 24

2. MLK Day Actions: regional & local actions reclaiming the legacy of Dr. King and Freedom Movements

3. February 14th: regional actions to Bring the Love & commit to long-term justice for all

• Organize your own event. Work with folks in your community to organize around the issues that are important to you.

You could:

o Pick one day of the campaign to be your day of action

o Organize a Community Assembly


The Regional Organizing Team will answer your questions about the campaign and connect you to the action. For more news, videos and updates, visit or send an email to


Alternate ROOTS, regional

Arkansas Women's Project, Little Rock AR

Georgia Citizens' Coalition on Hunger, Atlanta GA

Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Slidell LA

New Jim Crow Movement, Jacksonville FL


Project South, Atlanta GA

Spark Reproductive Justice Now, Atlanta

Southern Anti-Racism Network, Columbus GA & NC

Southerners On New Ground (SONG), GA, AL, SC, NC, & VA

Southwest Workers Union, San Antonio TX

The Ordinary Peoples Society (TOPS), Dothan AL

Women Watch Afrika, Atlanta

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