ICCPR Shadow Report: Human Trafficking

Troubling Gaps in the U.S. Response to Human Trafficking under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

The U.S. Government, though taking notable steps, has failed to address human trafficking in a comprehensive and coordinated manner, leaving significant gaps and many victims unprotected. The government has failed to take sufficient measures to identify and investigate labor trafficking cases in violation of its obligations under Articles 8 and 24 of the ICCPR. U.S. child trafficking victims are likely to have some interaction with the child welfare system, yet the government fails (1) to protect children already in the system who are particularly vulnerable to trafficking, and (2) to meet the unique needs of trafficking survivors who are placed in the child welfare system following their rescue. Finally, the U.S. Government has failed to coordinate anti-trafficking efforts among and between federal and local agencies and has provided insufficient and inconsistent funding and training to combat trafficking.



Santa Clara University School of Law International Human Rights Clinic
ICCPR, shadow report, human trafficking