ICCPR Shadow Report: Freedom of Speech and Expression

ICCPR Shadow Report: The Misuse of United States Law to Silence Pro-Palestinian Students’ Speech and Expression

The U.S. Government continues to use Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to suppress pro-Palestinian viewpoints on college and university campuses by making the unsupported argument that speech critical of Israeli state policies is anti-Semitic. Federal investigations into these allegations are conducted in secret without the input of student groups whose speech is being misrepresented and have long exceeded their suggested time frames. Student speech on this issue has been subsequently chilled, with students deliberately remaining silent on this issue for fear of reprisals, harassment, immigration consequences, criminal investigations or being labeled anti-Semitic. While three pending investigations have commendably been dismissed, the same groups who used this civil rights law to harass and intimidate students have threatened to appeal the dismissals and to lodge similar complaints asking for investigations at other college campuses.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus & Coalition
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