Freedom of Association and Right to Equality and Non-Discrimination in Work

Report addresses serious violations of rights for several categories of workers, through exclusions and discriminatory application of the law. The report begins with violations of the right to assemble, which is a fundamental right crucial to the enjoyment of other labor rights. It also specifies cases of workers denied fundamental workplace protections and equal rights under the law. As a result, millions of workers are suffering due to lack of compensation and exclusion from employment, among other adversities.

United Workers Congress; Border Movement for Human Rights; Migrant Justice National Employment Law Project; New Orleans Worker Center for Racial Justice; and Vermont Worker Center
ICCPR, the covenant, the Human Rights Committee, union rights, freedom of association, labor rights, worker's rights, excluded workers, agricultural workers, domestic workers, H-2A program, employment laws, Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc.

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