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#EndTorture: How to Advocate in Geneva and Before the Committee Against Torture

Watch this webinar recording on how to advocate before the United Nations Committee Against Torture, which monitors compliance with the Convention Against Torture (CAT) treaty. The webinar offers guidance on strategic advocacy, insight into the committee based on past reviews, and best practices for maximizing participation in the issue area working groups. The webinar also covers practical information such as what to expect while you are in Geneva and next steps in the coordination process. 

If you submitted a shadow report or plan to be in Geneva for the November 13-14 review of the U.S. Government, then this is a not-to-be-missed webinar. 

Presenters include:

Marcia Johnson-Blanco, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Eric Tars, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty

Aliya Hana Hussain, Center for Constitutional Rights

Cindy Soohoo, CUNY Law's International Women's Human Rights Clinic

Tarah Demant, US Human Rights Network

(Photo courtesy of Debra Sweet)