Dr. Carol Anderson's Address at the USHRN 2013 Biannual Conference

On December 8th, 2014, Dr. Carol Anderson gave the following keynote address to a crowd of over 300 participants at the USHRN 2013 Biannual Conference, Advancing Human Rights: Dignity. Justice. Action. In this address, she argues that the Civil Rights Movement “did not have the frame in order to deal with the depth of degradation that had happened from centuries of slavery and Jim Crow. And so as one victory after another led to greater exposure of the human rights remains in the black community, it became clear that the root of systemic inequalities remained even after all of the blood, all of the struggle, and all of the martyrs.”

A staunch advocate for human rights, in her seminal work, Eyes Off the Prize, Dr. Anderson reminds us that the struggle for human rights – the struggle for adequate healthcare, education, housing, decent work and our civil and political rights - is the path to ending racial discrimination in the U.S.


Dr. Carol Anderson Keynote Address USHRN 2013 Biannual National Conference

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