2016 Advancing Human Rights Report

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We are pleased to release a targeted and brief report on a few, key human rights issues. In the past, USHRN has produced either a comprehensive annual report, or a report card, but those reports will now be produced every other year. This year, we have decided to produce a distinctly different report, which, does not contain all of the human rights issue-areas that we’ve previously listed. Instead, this report takes a more strategic approach by selecting a handful of issue-areas to spotlight. This year, USHRN conducted evaluations to determine the types of reports that would be most useful to our members and allies. What we found was while most advocates knew what was happening on the ground in their issue-area, they did not typically know either the human rights laws associated with their issues or what the various human rights bodies had specifically said about their issue. Finally, even when armed with this information, many were unclear about who their human rights targets should be. Armed with this information, we structured the report in the following way:

1. We first point advocates to the relevant human rights law.

2. We then enumerated a targeted list of demands.

3. We then outline feedback that the U.S. government has received from human rights bodies.

4. We then list some suggestions on who the targets of this information should be.

5. Finally, we lay out some issue areas in which international human rights law has potentially been violated.

We hope that this report will serve as a useful tool for a robust and growing people-centered human rights movement. We look forward to hearing your feedback, and thank you for your critical part in the human rights movement.

This report was written by Salimah Hankins. We thank Balthazar Ishmael Beckett for design, editing, and photographs. We further thank the following individuals for the research that informed this report: Laura Christy (Environmental and Climate Justice), Katie Mulkowsky (Food, Water, and Sanitation), James Tourkistas (Housing), Bethany Adam and Laura Christy (Immigration), Alyson Eller (Criminal Justice and Mass Incarceration), Alex Glomset (Life and Security), and Farah Ahmad (Voting Rights).
Additional research provided by Aditi Patel and Lin Kong.

Additional thanks goes to Lisa Crooms and Jess St. Louis for their editing support.

Cover image: Mural on Georgia Ave. in Washington, D.C. by Joel Bergner (joelartista.com).

We also thank and the staff of the US Human Rights Network’s Coordinating Center for their continued dedication and hard work, and for helping inform the content of the report.

We are grateful to our supporters and donors. 

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