2013 USHRN Conference Outcome Document

Drawing on a modified version the "Problem Pyramid" documenting tool developed by The Advocates for Human Rights, this resource provides a synthesis of the issues discussed in the workshops and featured sessions at the 2013 USHRN biannual conference. Developed from notes taken by volunteer note-takers from the 26 workshops, keynote sessions, plenary panels, and People's Movement Assemblies, the Outcome Document provides examples of overarching causes, shared solutions, and emerging themes that ran across the conference. It also includes a list of resources available through the Network and those discussed at the conference. 

This document is useful to both those who did and did not attend the conference, as it provides a glimpse of the connections we share among our work as members of a network and areas for growth. We encourage you to adapt this resource to fit your needs and to promote and share widely with the goal of expanding the conversations it captures.


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