#WhenWeWin: Closing Plenary Panelists Announced

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ADVANCING HUMAN RIGHTS 2015 will close with another plenary panel, #WhenWeWin: Stretching Our Imaginations, Strengthening Our Movements. We are excited to announce the panelists for this session as they will bring imagination, vision, and strategy to this closing plenary. We look forward to leaving the conference stretched, growing in our thinking, and ready to continue the powerful human rights work that we are doing back home.

#WhenWeWin: Stretching Our Imaginations, Strengthening Our Movements Panelists:

Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi: Dubbed Lady Dane “The Ancient Jazz Priestess of Mother Africa” is an African, Cuban and Indigenous American performance artist, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, Author (Yemaya’s Daughters, Brew, and Baltimore: A Love Letter), healer, blogger, co-host of Inside Out Radio Show, an advocate, a member of the Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) Leadership Team, choreographer, a volunteer at Casa Ruby, life coach, and a founding member of the interdisciplinary theater company Force/Collision.

She is a graduate of the Baltimore School for the Arts and The Catholic University of America. An actor, singer, dancer and writer she began producing her own cabarets at the age of seventeen. At LaMama in New York in 2012 she originated the role of Madame Cordelia Mcclain in Erik Ehn’s Shape. Cultivating healing through art and other indigenous ancestral practices, she has been working within her community to facilitate healing and restoration since she was a child. A Poet, and an advocate for trans voices in the arts, in 2013 she became the first trans woman of color published author of a work of fiction in Washington DC. She has also written the book and lyrics to Roaring, the first musical focused on a black trans woman in Harlem in the 1920s, producing a New York reading of the piece in 2014.

Chanravy Proeung: Cambodian American activist and former executive director of the Providence Youth Student Movement. She has been a leader in local and statewide campaigns against racial profiling of youth, and has played an integral role in efforts nationally to ensure that the Southeast Asian community is included in the larger struggle for social justice in this country. She is a 2014 FIHRE (Fighting Injustice Through Human Rights Education) fellow with the U.S. Human Rights Network, coordinates the radical grassroots movement building collective Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN), and served on the coordinating committee of the Grassroots Asian Pacific Islander Rising Network for Racial Justice. Proeung, who has worked in solidarity with groups domestically and internationally around human rights violations, has twice testified and organized Southeast Asian community members at the United Nations in Geneva about how racial profiling, police brutality, mass incarceration, and mass deportation impact the Southeast Asian community.

Michael Scott: A WK Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Network Fellow through the National Racial Equity and Healing Cohort, Michael P. Scott is a systems thinker, an ecumenicist, and social entrepreneur and proponent of Conscious Capital, as well an anti racist community strategist and organizer.  A believer in Mega-Community concepts he co-founded Equity Matters which seeks to Promote Equity-In-All Policy™ through social determinants of well-being. He’s Team Lead for Baltimore Place Matters where he’s on Place Matters’ national leadership council seeking to movement build Equity through more effectively creating greater power for civil society as he also seeks to Vision and Construct Alternative Economic Architectures®. Scott executes work collaboratively while building beloved community—charged through duty to two centuries of family service legacy of developing bigger citizenship presence for more functional societies, as intentional but quiet community builders. He's a husband, father, a Morehouse Man and graduate of the London School of Economics.

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