U.S. Preaches Human Rights Across The Globe, But Fails to Provide Black and Poor People a Basic Human Right

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"Who will hold America accountable for its crimes against humanity? The water austerity measures in Detroit, and the lead poisoning crisis in Flint – of which the latter has led to federal class-action lawsuits and a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations suit against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder — confirm the presence of a national human rights disaster.  As President Obama prepares to visit Flint on May 4, there is much to consider.

Water is basic to life and human existence, and yet the U.S. — the world’s largest economy and richest nation — fails to provide its people with adequate water. The land of the free exacts a heavy price on its poor and on people of color, who often do not have access to affordable water and adequate sanitation. And so, the nation that often preaches to the rest of the world on its human rights shortcomings actually maintains Third World standards itself. And as the U.S. government admonishes other nations on their human rights record, it lacks the political will to provide equality and justice in some of the most basic rights, much less ratify certain international human rights treaties."

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David Love
Human Rights to Water and Sanitation