UDHR Campaign 2013 Week Five: Food, Education and Housing

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November 4-8, 2013

Social rights like the human rights to housing, education and food are often thought of as 'soft rights' and are not accorded the same prestige in the United States legal code as civil and political rights-those that guarantee human rights to political participation. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, the United States boasts some of the most dynamic and passionate advocacy organizations in the world- organizations that are galvinizing individuals and allies to fight for the full implementation of human rights in every community. The organizations featured in Week 5 of the #UDHR Campaign are truly inspiring for their commitment to upholding human rights to food, housing and education and for mobilizing those most vulnerable and directly impacted by short sighted policies to demand that they be given a seat at the table.

CADRE is a parent and community led organization working tirelessly to ensure Black and Latino families in South LA have the ability to advocate for policies that best support their children and communities. They are directly involved with the Los Angeles Unified School District's adoption of the most progressive discipline policy in the nation.

The Praxis Project is committed to dismantling structural forms of discrimination that endanger public health outcomes for minority communities and is committed to advancing effective, culturally competent policy initiatives to achieve food and recreation justice.

Council of Athabascan Tribal Government (CATG) Education Department assists tribal members in helping them achieve individual, family and community wellness and well-being through education. They work to increase and improve education opportunities through their Native American Career and Technical Education Program (NACTEP) and Early Headstart Program (EHS).

Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign was instrumental in the creation of local anti-eviction legislation, convinced the local county sheriff to implement a temporary moratorium on evictions, advocated for and won ex-offender women's right to return to public housing.

Picture the Homeless is a NYC based advocacy organization changing the conversation around homelessness, challenging the stereotypes and distortions in the mainstream media and the popular imagination. Central to that work is switching the focus away from issues of individual pathology as the cause of homelessness (substance abuse, mental illness, etc), and onto systemic issues like racism, patriarchy, the jobs crisis and the high cost of housing. 

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