Post-Election Statement from the Coordinating Center

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Today, as we continue to wrestle with the legacies and political realities of white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, bigotry, neoliberalism, and the other systems of oppression we live under, we find our political landscape and material conditions undergoing a shift with Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency. 

Despite the fact that we know how to survive, organize, and fight back, this still feels like a punch in the gut to all who are committed to human rights and dignity. We want to hold our immigrant, Black, LGBTQ, and Muslim communities close, and with love in our hearts transform our fear, sadness, and rage into building a stronger human rights movement and culture that protects the most vulnerable from the threat of state violence and oppression under the incoming administration. May we reduce trauma and harm as much as possible; and at the same time, dare to dream of the world we want to live in and back those dreams up with strategies bold enough to win. 

As we prepare for the hard work ahead of us, we are grateful to be organizing alongside our members and partners in defense of human rights for all.