"Police Terrorism in the 21st Century" Plenary at Advancing Human Rights 2015

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Session Description: "You must let suffering speak, if you want to hear the truth”― Cornel West.

A widespread movement for justice in cases of police terrorism is underway in America, and the testimonies of injustice are fueling this movement. When the painful testimonies of injustice remain untold and unheard, patterns of injustice go unrecognized and unopposed. Telling these stories is therefore an act of resistance that can be liberating for both the story teller and the listener. We hope to use the workshop to provide insight into the personal experiences and real impact of police brutality on the families who struggle daily with its aftermath. In so doing, we hope to create greater public awareness and accountability to the struggle for justice in America and around the world.

Session Presenters:

  • Facilitator: Salih Muhammad
  • Panelist: Uncle Bobby, Uncle of Oscar Grant;
  • Panelist: Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant;
  • Panelist: Michael Brown, father of Michael Brown Jr;
  • Panelist: Ron Davis, father of Jordan Davis;
  • Panelist: Krystal Brown, wife of Marlon Brown;  
  • Panelist: Andrew Joseph, father of Andrew Joseph III;
  • Panelist: Deanna Joseph, mother of Andrew Joseph;
  • Panelist: Jackie Johnson, mother of Kendrick Johnson;
  • Panelist: Martinez Sutton, brother of Rekia Boyd

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