NYC Human Rights Watch Film Festival

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival will run from June 12 to 22, 2014 in NYC, with a program of 22 films that bring human rights struggles to life through storytelling. Many of those stories will be about abuses in the US.

These films are great vehicle for advancing efforts to hold the US government accountable to the UN human rights treaties it has ratified, particularly with upcoming reviews at CERD, CAT, and UPR

If you're in New York City, check these out:

  • Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story: Issues: Military, Transgender Rights
    • Related Mechanism: UPR
  • Out in the Night – Issues: Black Women, LGBTIQ rights
    • Related Mechanism: CERD
  • Private Violence – Issue: Domestic Violence
    • Related Mechanisms: UPR, CAT
  • The Homestretch – Issues: Homelessness, Chicago, Poverty, Race, Juvenile Justice, Immigration, Foster Care, and LGBT Rights
    • Related Mechanism: CERD
  • To Be Takei – Issues: LGBTQ, Racism, Japanese Internment
    • Related Mechanisms: CERD, UPR
  • Watchers of the Sky – Genocide (Polish lawyer of Jewish descent, who coined the term Genocide)
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