Dec 18 - International Migrants Day

Migration is a Human Right

Today, December 18th, is International Migrants Day - and we say "Migration is a Human Right!"

UN Statement on International Migrants Day

"On International Migrants Day, let us commit to coherent, comprehensive and human-rights based responses guided by international law and standards and a shared resolve to leave no one behind." - Ban Ki-moon

Black Immigration Network: Connecting the Diaspora on International Migrants Day

"As Black people around the globe experience structural racism, xenophobia, religous intolerance and the adverse impacts of globalization, connecting across the diaspora to build a movement that protects the human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants, is key to our liberation."

Southeast Asian Freedom Network Campaign Video 1: Our History, Our Survival

"This year, 2015, marks 40 years since Southeast Asian communities began being resettled in the US after being displaced from our home countries. It is in this year that we rise up as a UNITED Southeast Asian community and demand an end to further displacement of our people through deportation." - Southeast Asian Freedom Network

#FreeChristina Campaign: Trans Latina women demand ICE to #FreeChristina

"LGBTQ and immigrant rights organizations under the #Not1More campaign, including Familia QTLM, GetEQUAL, the Transgender Law Center, and the are organizing to support Christina’s release calling attention to how her experience shows the repeated failure of the immigration enforcement authorities to meet the needs of transgender women in detention."

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