Baltimore’s high water rates violate U.N. standards, advocates say

"How bad is the water affordability situation in Baltimore? Some at last night’s City Council hearing tried to answer the question with sobering statistics.

Typically, the city shuts off about 3,000 households a year, but in March 2015 about 8,000 were shut off.

Roughly 4,000 of those accounts were not turned back on for a full year.

That information came from Renee Hatcher, Clinical Teaching Faculty Fellow at the University of Baltimore School of Law. And there was this from City Councilman Bill Henry:

According to the United Nations, water bills should be no more than 3% of household income. But in Baltimore, households living on less than $25,000 a year (about a third of all city households) are paying more like 3.6% of their income for sewer and water bills, which average $892 annually."

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