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The US Human Rights Network Member Meeting will be held Sunday, December 8, from 4:00pm-6:00pm EST. We hope all members will plan to attend. We will be providing an update on our strategies moving forward - see Strategic Statement - and discussing important questions around evaluations, communications, capacity building in human rights, and support for member work. Please see the agenda for the meeting below.


  • Introductions
  • Overview of Strategic  Statement and Q&A related to Strategic Statement
  • Small Group Discussion - Each small group will be assigned one of the following questions:
  1. The USHRN Coordinating Center is planning to engage the membership in evaluating our progress in implementing the strategic vision. How could we best engage the membership in an evaluation process that is meaningful and effective?
  2. How can the USHRN Coordinating Center support members in communicating with each other as well as communicating with the Coordinating Center?
  3. How could the USHRN Coordinating Center best support members in increasing their capacity in human rights which we expect will support the ongoing work and campaigns of members?
  4. How can the USHRN Coordinating Center support work between members - nationally and across issue area? We currently use member structures including Member Initiated Action Teams. Are these the best structures to initiate and sustain collective work? What are some other structures we could support
  • Priorities for 2014 - Prioritizing ideas from the small group sessions and next steps
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