64 Day Campaign Week Two Highlight: The Georgia Citizens' Coalition on Hunger

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The Georgia Citizens' Coalition on Hunger was founded in 1974 as a statewide coalition of concerned citizens to end hunger, homelessness and poverty in the state of Georgia. The Coalition has been at the forefront of grassroots organizing, service delivery and policy changes that positively impact poor and working class communities in Georgia for over 35 years. The Coalition operates a food pantry, community garden and four outdoor farmers markets while also engaging in grassroots organizing, public education and leadership development so that low income citizens can address their concerns around food and economic security.


The Georgia Human Rights Union is a monthly support group to educate and involve members of our community in the ongoing fight for human rights and economic justice. It was developed as a program to provide an entry point to discuss and work on the root cause of community issues for clients coming to us for services in the hunger hotline and food pantry. The convener for the Human Rights Union, Ms Lara Evans, is a single mother who first came to the Coalition seeking emergency food and utility assistance. Ms Evans now coordinates the Hunger Hotline and says "I am very appreciative to be involved in an organization that really cares and is reaching out to the community by providing a space where people can come together to address their issues and concerns.”

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Nov 7, 2012

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