64 Day Campaign Week Three Highlight: Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

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Founded in 1996, Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (GFADP) is a statewide coalition of organizations and individuals working to end the death penalty, build power in communities targeted by the criminal justice system, protect the rights and dignity of those on death row and their families and transform Georgia’s broken public safety system.

GFADP has grown from a handful of committed individuals, to an organization with leaders and members across the state.  It has chapters in Atlanta, Macon and Athens and an emerging chapter in Savannah and has engaged over 1,500 individuals and coalition partners statewide.  GFADP also coordinates 14 execution vigil sites throughout the state.

GFADP's Atlanta Chapter meets the second Thursday of every month at 6:30.  To get involved please call Evelyn Lynn at 404-602-2856.


In September GFADP co-hosted “From Troy to Trayvon:  Empowering Communities to Change Criminal Justice Policies” in Savannah to mark the year anniversary of the execution of Troy Anthony Davis.  This gathering brought participants from as far as New Orleans and New York to participate in workshops and strategies on the next steps for our movement.

On October 20th GFADP co-sponsored "Breaking the Chains: Communities Fighting Injustice" in Atlanta. At this Community Forum, people who have been directly impacted by brutal police and prison practices spoke out against these injustices and offered real solutions to violence.

In our 16 year history GFADP have had success in the following:

•        Defeated a bill that removed the unanimous jury requirement from death sentences three years in a row;

•        Defeated bills that would have dismantled our statewide public defender system;

•        Passed a bill allowing district attorneys to seek Life Without Parole without also seeking the death penalty;

•        Ran a multi-year moratorium campaign that gathered tens of thousands of petitions and postcards to legislators, as well as endorsements of a moratorium by the city councils of Atlanta and Macon;

•        Forced the Georgia Department of Corrections to restore contact visits on death row with family members, attorneys and clergy including a "mother's day card" letter-writing campaign and grassroots lobbying activities;

GFADP’s major focus for the last four years was in implementing a powerful grassroots campaign, along with many coalition partners and allies, to stop the execution of Troy Davis and highlight the injustice in our criminal justice system.  Through this coalition, we helped accomplished the following:

•        Gathered more than 20,000 signatures in Chatham County targeting the Savannah District Attorney;

•        Coordinated dozens of actions across the state from 2005-2011 that engaged thousands of Georgians;

•        Organized a march in Atlanta drawing more than 4,000 community members and a protest/vigil at prison that houses death row in Jackson, Georgia, which drew more than 800 people the night of Troy’s execution;

•        Reframed the debate on the death penalty and helped raise the issues in Troy’s case to spark an international movement.

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Nov 7, 2012

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