64 Day Campaign Week Three Highlight: All of Us or None

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All of Us or None is a national organization started and led by formerly-incarcerated people, their families, and supporters fighting to win full restoration of their civil and human rights. The organization is determined to end all discrimination faced after release and to fight for the human rights of prisoners. The goal is to build political power in the communities most affected by mass incarceration and the growth of the Prison Industrial Complex.

The organizing work that began 8 years ago carries on as All of Us or None in California, Detroit, North Carolina, Texas, and a few other states.

All of Us or None has established measures to maintain principled and respectful relationships among our members and with our broader communities, through our Code of Conduct, Self-Determination Pledge, our Bill of Rights, and our Ten Principles of Action.


All of Us or None's current campaigns include: Ban The Box, the nationally-recognized effort to eliminate all questions relating to a person’s arrest or conviction history from all applications – for  housing, employment, benefits, etc.; Voting Rights for All; Opposing  “Gang” injunctions and Gang Databases, Supporting Life-Term Prisoners’  Families; and our Annual Community Giveback, where our members give toys to children of incarcerated parents.

The campaign to BAN THE BOX has won significant changes in almost 30 cities and counties. All of Us or None has also won Ban the Box changes in six states: Hawai’i , Minnesota, New Mexico, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California.

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Nov 7, 2012

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