2013 US Human Rights Movement Builders Award Winner: Marleine Bastien

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Marleine Bastien is the Founder and Executive Director of FANM, an advocacy and social service agency located in the heart of Little Haiti, serving the needs of low income women and their families as well as victims of abuse, neglect, violence, discrimination and racism. Since 1991, FANM has championed and advocated for the rights of those who have been underserved, marginalized, disenfranchised, and discriminated against in South Florida.

Ms. Bastien, a  Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has a master's degree in social work from Florida International University, with more than 20 years of clinical experience and eight years of direct administrative experience in non-profit management. She has championed the cause of women, children and Haitian families through her dedicated advocacy in the areas of immigration and human rights, HIV/AID, breast cancer and domestic violence.

Ms. Bastien serves as not only the voice of Haitian women, but as the unofficial spokesperson for the Haitian community at large, rallying for its causes in the Nations capital and in speaking engagements, including the historic World March of Women held in Washington, D.C. She is often quoted in local, national and international media such as the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and others. As a writer, Ms. Bastien, contributed a chapter to the NASW Encyclopedia in 1994. Ms. Bastien has been given numerous accolades and most recently Ms. Magazine honored her as a "Woman of the Year." The magazine is considered a landmark in both women's rights, and U.S. American journalism, and the Leadership for a Changing World Award from the Ford Foundation, in 2002.