Workers Rally to STAND UP & FIGHT BACK! March 3rd

Mon Mar 3, 2014 - 3:00pm EST
Georgia State Capitol
206 Washington St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30334
United States

Moral Monday and Labor is calling for all workers, unions, and community members in Georgia to stand up and fight back against politicians who are attacking hard working Georgians at Moral Monday on March 3rd.

Moral Monday March 3rd Full Day Schedule:
10 AM - Labor Issue Lobbying 
1 PM - Press Conference
TBD - Unemployment Cuts Hearing
4:30 PM - Workers Rally to STAND UP & FIGHT BACK!

GA Politicians are trying to:
-Eliminate School Workers’ Unemployment Benefits - HB 714
-Misclassify Employees of Companies as Independent Contractors
-Refuse Raising Georgia’s Minimum Wage

We are FIGHTING BACK Against:

  • Income Inequality & Low Wages
  • Wage Theft & Worker Exploitation
  • Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors

Elimination of School Workers’ Unemployment Benefits (Send a message to Oppose These Cuts)

Moving Georgia
Forward Together, Not One Step Back!

Co-Sponsored by:
Atlanta Jobs with Justice
Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council


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