USHRN Holds Human Rights Educational Workshop in Birmingham, AL

Tue Aug 27, 2013 - 9:00pm EDT
309 23rd Street N
Birmingham, AL 35203
United States

USHRN is organizing a Human Rights 101 workshop for members of the Birmingham Human Rights Task Force, the Birmingham Peace Project, and other civil rights and social justice advocates.  During 2013 Birmingham is engaged in a year-long remembrance of the sacrifices and struggles of 1963, including the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, that brought national attention to the city and the civil rights movement. The Birmingham Human Rights Task Force is calling on the City Council to adopt Human Rights Ordinances that would recognize that everyone in the city is entitled to the full panoply of human rights including work at fair pay, adequate food, clothing, housing and medical care, leisure and an education. Further, the Ordinances would prohibit any form of discrimination in regard to employment, housing and services within the city.  The Task Force is also calling for the establishment of a Human Rights Commission, with subpoena power.

The BHRTF was formed following calls upon the mayor to make the remembrance year a genuine memorial. Its members represent the Birmingham Peace Project, Birmingham Metropolitan Diversity Coalition, Community Affairs Committee of Operation New Birmingham, Greater Birmingham Ministries, National Conference of Community & Justice of Alabama and the National Lawyers Guild, Alabama. It is calling on the Birmingham City Council to adopt what it believes to be the most comprehensive human rights ordinances in the country.

USHRN National Education Coordinator Yolande Tomlinson will conduct the training, which will introduce participants to the international human rights mechanisms and their application to their on-going local government advocacy efforts.  The goal is to help participants who work on a range of issues from homelessness to immigration to LGBTQI rights understand their shared connections and the need to contribute to a shared vision to pass the human rights ordinance that would establish a human rights commission in the city of Birmingham.


The YWCA is at the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and 23rd Street.

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