USHRN Convened Human Rights Institute at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

Fri Sep 20, 2013 - 4:00am EDT
Sheraton Silver Spring
8777 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
United States

In partnership with the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, the US Human Rights Network convened a day-long human rights institute as part of Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit. The Institute featured three workshops that were designed to provide an introduction to human rights principles, to assist participants in identifying both human rights violations and solutions, and to provide guidance on using the human rights framework to develop strategic messaging on their particular issue(s). 

Institute Description:

We are each, first and foremost, human beings. We may identify ourselves in many other ways but our humanity remains a constant. It is on that shared basis that we declare and demand our fundamental human rights and our common freedoms. The Human Rights Institute will offer a full day of discussions, issue-focused work groups, and skill-building/problem-solving sessions; this is a serious “how to do it” institute.

Led by a group of experienced human rights activists and skilled trainers, attendees will learn how to integrate broad and well-accepted human rights themes into existing civil rights advocacy to achieve specific goals. In this Daylong Institute, participants will also have the opportunity to build an action plan to move their agendas forward within a human rights framework, to develop talking points on critical issues, as well as build practical sound bites for use with public officials and the media. We will address common issues that activists face related to family, sexual expression, relationships, education, reproductive justice, sex worker rights, and sexual health.

Learn more about the four-day Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit that took place September 19-22, 2013 in Washington, DC!

Registration Pricing for the Summit:


$195 REGULAR 4-DAY ADMISSION  (only until 9/18/13)

$225 REGULAR ADMISSION after 9/18

$75 discount off ticket prices for seniors and students (with ID)

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