Unlocking Justice Strategy Call: Adopting Racial Impact Statements

Thu Jul 11, 2013 - 5:00pm EDT
United States

The Unlocking Justice Webinar/Strategy Call Series is focused on providing the criminal justice advocacy community with practical knowledge on policy reform and current research findings. The series is sponsored by The Sentencing Project. For a schedule of upcoming webinars and strategy calls visit the events page at www.sentencingproject.org.


Unlocking Justice: Adopting Racial Impact Statements

This strategy call will take place on July 11, 2013 at 1pm EST.


Presenters: Marc Mauer (moderator), The Sentencing Project, (former) Iowa Rep. Wayne Ford,  Oregon State Senator Chip Shields, and Adjoa Aiyetoro, University of Arkansas Law School. 

Racial impact statements as adopted by the states of Iowa and Connecticut are a tool that can provide a constructive means for policymakers to proactively assess how proposed sentencing laws may affect racial and ethnic disparities in the justice system. Similar to fiscal or environmental impact statements, racial impact statements provide legislators with a statistical analysis of the projected impact of policy changes prior to legislative deliberation.  This strategy call will highlight advocacy initiatives in several states, including Iowa, Oregon, and Arkansas, that have adopted or proposed racial impact statements.  Presenters will discuss strategies for building support and the political environment that created the context for reform. 

This strategy call is a part of The Sentencing Project’s Unlocking Justice Webinar and Strategy Call Series.  Other upcoming webinars and strategy calls include:

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