Southern Workers Assembly: Rally at your Workplace!

Mon May 13, 2013 - 4:00am EDT
United States

Southern Workers Assembly urges action to stop assault on human rights in NC!


The Governor, State Senate and House are coming after EVERYTHING!

Take Action:  Rally at your Workplace!         Call Legislature at 919-733-4111

They have already voted to:

  • Deny federal funds for Medicaid to 500,000 poor North Carolinians.
  • Take unemployment benefits from 165,000 North Carolinians.
  • Raise taxes on 900,000 of North Carolina's poor and working poor by ending the Earned Income Tax Credit to pay for tax cuts to 23 millionaires.

They took over a billion dollars last year from public education, made plans to implement a voucher plan to hand out public money to private schools, and reduce eligibility to preschool for poor children.

And they are now trying to:

  • Give hundreds of millions in tax breaks to rich & corporations!  House Bill 642 would reduce the state’s corporate income tax rate from 6.9 percent to 4.9 percent, dropping the rate from the highest to the lowest in the Southeast. GOP members also suggest raising the sales tax and eliminating the income tax, shifting the tax burden from the rich to workers.
  • State personnel protections being stripped for state employees making it easier to be fired and harder to win appeals. House Bill 834 (Senate Bill 18)
  • Anti-worker laws added to State Constitution : Collective bargaining rights for public workers and card check would be banned. The Right-to-work (for less) law would be enshrined in the state constitution.  House Bill 53
  • Deny City workers union rights to payroll deduction. House Bill 677
  • Attack voting rights: Roll back Early Voting, ban Sunday Voting, end same-day registration; impose an unneeded poll tax disguised as a Voter ID bill that will cost the state millions; deny student IDs from private schools; make former felons wait 5 years to vote after paying their debt to society; deny parents a $2500 tax credit if their college student does not vote at home; and leave us with voting laws more restrictive than Alabama and South Carolina. HB 351, HB 451, SB666, SB 667, SB 668, SB 721.
  • Privatize Medicaid, portions of State Department of Transportation & Dept. of Commerce, education & more.
  • Re-start the death penalty and repeal the Racial Justice Act that has exposed the racially discriminatory application of the death penalty. Senate Bill 306
  • Attempt to close women's health clinics and introduce lies about abortion into public school sex education curriculum.
  • Lift the moratorium on fracking and allow the toxic, carcinogenic wastewater to be injected into coastal wells, with the possibility of it leaking into drinking wells.
  • Cut the UNC budget by $139 million. This comes after the UNC system has already absorbed $400 million in cuts in last couple years.

Southern Workers Assembly

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