Save the Date! UPR Social Media Day of Action, September 24th

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Social Media Day of Action Save the Date Graphic: Square image. with Blue and white background with white & black text & USHRN logo on the bottom right.
Thu Sep 24, 2015
Atlanta, GA 30312
United States

On September 1st, the U.S. Government submitted its responses to the 343 recommendations made by delegates to the UN Human Rights Council during the interactive dialogue of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the U.S. in May 2015. In its responses the U.S. Government is refusing to commit to be the human rights champion it says it is – it gives lip service to ideals and values, but there is no commitment to following through.

In response, the USHRN Coordinating Center and the UPR Taskforce invite grassroots and national organizations and individuals to participate in a social media day of action (Twitter and Facebook) on September 24, the day the Human Rights Council adopts the outcome of the UPR of the United States at its 30th session #HRC30 in Geneva.[1]

Spread the word and save the date – share now on your individual and organizational Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Below are some sample messages, check out this document we created to find the U.S. government’s responses to all the recommendations and create your own message using the suggested hashtags!

Suggested hashtags:

#ShameOnUSG: Use for recommendations the U.S. does not support

#ActionNotLipService: Use for recommendations U.S. supports, in part or in full – but needs concrete implementation with leadership from the most impacted communities

Suggested Tweets:

  • #ShameOnUSG for committing to supporting “ideals” instead of concrete actions to end #humanrights violations #UPR #HRC30 @USHRN
  • Refusing to support the abolition of the death penalty? #ShameOnUSG #UPR @CivilRights @StateDept @USHRN
  • #ShameOnUSG for saying US law complies w/ #CERD obligations #UPR #HRC30 @Civil Rights @USHRN
  • #ShameOnUSG for refusing to hold police accountable for excessive force & racial discrimination #UPR @CivilRights @USHRN
  • #ShameOnUSG for not ensuring right to water & sanitation in the US #UPR @EPA @HUDgov @USIndianAffairs @USHRN
  • #ShameonUSG for not supporting access for undocumented immigrants & their children to healthcare #UPR @HHSGov @USHRN
  • USG will not support access to safe abortions for survivors of rape and sexual violence #ShameOnUSG #UPR @StateDept @USHRN
  • #ShameOnUSG for refusing to hold officers to account when they use drones that kill civilians #UPR @StateDept @USHRN #UNCAT #HRC30
  • USG refuses to end agriculture exemption to raise age of hazardous work for hired children #ShameOnUSG #UPR @DHSgov @StateDept @USHRN
  • #ShameOnUSG for supporting but not committing to establish a national human rights institution #ActionNotLipService #UPR @StateDept @USHRN
  • Watch & share as #USG adopts #UPR #humanrights recommendations at the #UN & demand #ActionNotLipService
  • #ActionNotLipService What are the comprehensive plans to end excessive force & racism/sexism in CJ system? #PlanofAction @CivilRights @USHRN
  • USG must implement a plan to end the life imprisonment of children #ActionNotLipService #UPR @CivilRights @USHRN  #UNCAT #HRC30
  • In supporting the #Right2Education, are there plans to end the school to prison pipeline? #ActionNotLipService #UPR @CivilRights @USEDgov
  • Implement the UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples #ActionNotLipService #UPR @USIndianAffairs @USHRN #HRC30
  • What is the plan of action to ensure equal access to maternal health for all women & birth parents? #ActionNotLipService @HHSGov @USHRN #UPR
  • #ActionNotLipService needed in #USG commitment to eliminating  #gunviolence #UPR #ICCPR #HRC30

FB Posts:

  • Fully implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – from Mauna Kea to Oak Flat to Mt. Taylor – end the dispossession of indigenous Peoples’ sacred land! #ActionNotLipService #UPR
  • Current US Civil Rights Law is not enough: between the Supreme Court 2001 Sandoval case, no national proactive plan to end racial discrimination, and continued police murders – the USG needs a comprehensive and intersectional plan to end racism, informed by communities impacted by racism and racial discrimination #CERD #UPR #ActionNotLipService
  • #ShameOnUSG for committing to supporting “ideals” instead of concrete actions to end #humanrights violations at the #UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review #UPR of the #US. On September 24, as the #US stands before the world make your voice heard and take part in the US Human Rights Network #UPR Day of Action to demand more and let the US Government know we will not be exceptional in our own human rights record at home!

Please use the hashtag #UPR on your FB/Tweets and tag @USHRN if it fits.

You can also post this image:

Social Media Day of Action Graphic: Square image. with Blue and white background with white & black text & USHRN logo on the bottom right.

USG Twitter Targets:  

  • @StateDept @State_DRL

Civil Rights & Non-Discrimination

DOJ Civil Rights Division: @CivilRights

Criminal Justice

  • DOJ Civil Rights Division: @CivilRights

ESCR / Environment

  • HUD: @HUDgov
  • EPA: @EPA
  • HHS: @HHSGov
  • DOE: @usedgov

Indigenous Issues

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs: @USIndianAffairs

National Security

  • State Dept: @StateDept @State_DRL
  • National Security Council: @NSCPress

Immigration, Migrants, Trafficking, Labor, and Children

  • Department of Homeland Security: @DHSgov
  • Department of Labor: @USDOL

Treaties, International Mechanisms, Domestic Implements

  • State Dept: @StateDept @State_DRL

For all issues covered at the 30th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, including the outcome of the UPR of the United States: #HRC30

Learn more about USHRN’s UPR work here:


[1] The actual session in Geneva will take place from 9am-noon Geneva time (3-6am EST) – watch it live or the recording here:, but we will use the whole day to take action.