Join the People's Climate Movement National Day of Action on October 14

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Wed Oct 14, 2015
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From Grassroots Global Justice:

Since last year's historic People's Climate March in NYC, the global climate movement is rising with leadership from communities at the frontlines of the climate and economic crises.  Never before has the message been stronger for Systems Change, not Climate Change.

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) joins the People's Climate Movement calling for a National Day of Action on October 14th on the Road to Paris and Beyond, "demanding leaders take a bold stand to halt climate change before it’s too late."

Join our Twitter Town Hall on Women, Gender, and Climate
Wednesday October 14, 11am1pm Pacific / 2pm4pm Eastern

GGJ and the US chapter of the World March of Women are hosting a Twitter Town Hall on Women, Gender, and Climate as part of the National Day of Action on the Road to Paris, and as part of the closing of the 4th International Action of the World March of Women. We know that women are disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis, and that women are at the forefront of developing solutions and calling out government inaction.

A Twitter Town Hall (also known as a Twitter Chat) is a live conversation on a specific topic between people on Twitter that is set for a given day and time. GGJ will be host a conversation on Women, Gender, and Climate for the first hour, and will then hold an action targeting President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, as they prepare to make climate agreements for the US at the UN climate negotiations in Paris this December.

We'll be continuing the pressure from our petition calling on US leaders to: 1) Establish mandatory--not voluntary--emissions cuts at the source, 2) Leave fossil fuels in the ground, 3) Reject fracking, nuclear power, carbon markets, and other dangerous technologies and false solutions, 4) Strengthen the inclusion of human rights and particularly the rights of Indigenous Peoples, and 5) Support Community-Rooted Solutions including regional and local economic structures that support the production of renewable energy.

Follow @ggjalliance and use the hashtags #PeoplesClimate #COP21 #DefendingDignity to participate in the conversation in real time on October 14. 

Find a People's Climate Movement action in your area
GGJ members across the country have been planning in their cities and regions for the People's Climate Movement National Day of Action on October 14th. Already, there are events and activities planned, from Seattle to Miami and from Jackson to Albuquerque.

To find an activity in your area, click here.