ICCPR Follow-Up Reports: Take Action and Share your Grade of the US on May 1st!

Fri May 1, 2015 - 4:00am EDT
United States

ICCPR Follow-Up Reports: Take Action and Share your Grade of the US on May 1st!

May 1st is the deadline for US Civil Society to send in follow-up reports to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the four ICCPR follow-up issues from their March 2015 Concluding Observations and in response to the US Government follow-up report: 1. Accountability for past human rights violations (including police brutality); 2. Gun violence (including stand your ground and domestic violence); 3. Detainees at Guantanamo Bay; and 4. National Security Agency Surveillance.

The report of Special Rapporteur on Follow-up to Concluding Observations is scheduled to release the official grade of the US on July 13th at the Human Rights Committee in Geneva Switzerland. Plan to watch it live here at 4am ET.

Take action with USHRN! We are urging advocates to send in your report card to your local and national government officials. Post on your website or FaceBook page and tweet an image of your report card grade with hashtag #ICCPR and/or #HumanRightsReportCard (and copy @USHRN) on May 1st. Below are a few sample tweets.

Below are Just a Few Sample Tweets on the Many Issues Covered in the Report

#Chicago gets a failing grade – an E – on excessive use of force! #ICCPR #HuamnRightsReportCard @USHRN

#US gets a failing grade on follow-up to #HumanRights Committee rec on #domesticviolence #HumanRightsReportCard @USHRN

Non-consensual psychiatric treatment in mental health facilities need to be prohibited #ICCPR #HumanRightsReportCard @NIMHgov

#US is failing - NC & NY are only states to try 16 & 17 year olds in adult courts & incarcerate in adult prisons #ICCPR @TheJusticeDept

The use lethal force at #US-Mexico Border has to stop #ICCPR follow-up @thejusticedept @dhsgov @CustomsBorder

#US must take action to give access to adequate #healthcare including #reproductive care for all immigrants #ICCPR #HumanRightsReportCard

Email iccpr@ushrnetwork.org with questions and don’t forget to follow and join the convo on May 1st@USHRN !