Human Rights Hearings in NM

Tue Jul 29, 2014 - 4:00am MDT to Wed Jul 30, 2014 - 4:00am MDT
Albuquerque, NM
United States

The hearings - which will include a tour, training, and tribunal - will build and strengthen human rights advocacy in New Mexico. The areas where the hearings will take place are Albuquerque and Gallup. The tribunal and training are open to the public while the tour is a closed event. This webpage will be updated as details are firmed up. 

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If you plan on delivering testimony at the tribunal, please review the testimony guide.

The hearings will occur in advance of the US CERD review on August 13-14 in Geneva, but are an important educational, organizing, and documentation opportunity for all the upcoming reviews - CERD, CAT (November 2014), and UPR (April/May 2015), as well as follow-up to the ICCPR (March 2014).

Human Rights Tours

Tuesday, July 29th (Gallup) and Wednesday, July 30th (ABQ)

The group of New Mexico social justice leaders, USHRN representatives, and invited experts will visit affected low-income communities in Albuquerque and then travel to Indigenous communities near Laguna and Gallup to visit the areas affected by the Church Rock Uranium Spills.

Human Rights Trainings

Tuesday, July 29th (Gallup) and Wednesday, July 30th (ABQ)

The US Human Rights Network will conduct Human Rights Trainings for social justice organizations and the communities they work with in New Mexico. The trainings provides insight on how to hold our government accountable to human rights laws and standards that include protections for racial discrimination, environmental justice, indigenous rights, immigrant rights, access to water, and sustainable development.

Human Rights Tribunals

Tuesday, July 29th and Wednesday, July 30th

The US Human Rights Network will convene Human Rights Tribunals to hear and document the testimonies of Albuquerque and Gallup area residents whose basic human rights are being denied through the actions of government.  The tribunal is open to the public.  

The New Mexico tour, trainings, and tribunals are being coordinated by a local steering committee of social justice advocates representing the following organizations: the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, the SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP), the and Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE) (with their core group of alliances: Bluewater Valley Downstream Alliance (BVDA); Eastern Navajo Diné Against Uranium Mining (ENDAUM); Laguna-Acoma Coalition for a Safe Environment (LACSE); Post-71 Uranium Workers Committee (Post ’71); Red Water Pond Road Community Association (RWPRCA)). 

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