Final CERD webinar recording

Fri Jul 25, 2014 - 4:00pm EDT
United States
Want to know how to advocate for your issue in Geneva? Interested in how indigenous peoples have engaged in the process? Check out this webinar from July 25 and learn how to fight racial discrimination on a world stage! 
Speakers and topics:
  • Ejim Dike - US Human Rights Network - General Overview 
  • Jotaka Eaddy - NAACP - Intro to the United Nations, including who the bodies are, how to navigate the space, and the best way to advocate for your issue
  • Leonard Gorman - Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission - Human Rights Commissioner who will discuss the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the land called the United States, and how they use the CERD treaty the advocate for their human rights
  • Salimah Hankins - US Human Rights Network - Next Steps, Registering with the UN, Network orientation, working group advocacy, and how to stay involved even if you aren't going to Geneva.

(Photo credit: flikcr user degust)

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