Advancing Human Rights 2017

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Thu Dec 7, 2017 to Sun Dec 10, 2017
Emory Conference Center Hotel
1615 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30329
United States



The US Human Rights Network’s 2017 national conference will be a space for collective healing, reflection, and cooperative strategy.


View the conference program here. 


In 2017, a new federal administration rose to power using oppressive and harmful rhetoric that has led to human rights violations in the communities of USHRN’s members. In these early months of the Trump administration, community members and organizations have been forced to rapidly respond to attacks on human rights and intensifying the social, political, and economic conditions that we face. In the midst of these urgent fights, rapid responses, and movement shifts, we want the USHRN 2017 national conference to be a space for directly-impacted people, community organizers, communicators, movement lawyers, professors, culture bearers, workers, parents, and funders to gather, heal from the past twelve months of Trump, reflect on how we got to this political moment in time, and intentionally intersect coordinated strategies to continue advancing a people-centered human rights movement in the US.

Join us in Atlanta, Georgia from December 7-10 for Advancing Human Rights 2017!


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Grassroots Data - Your Voice Matters!

Impact of Incarceration on Women Survey

Essie Justice Group will be publishing the first ever report on the impact of incarceration on women with incarcerated loved ones in May 2018. To this end, we have launched a national survey campaign, are hosting small focus group sessions and conducting interviews to reach at least 5,000 women, so that we can know what mass incarceration is doing to women across the country. If you are a woman (a cis-woman, a trans-woman, or are genderqueer, genderfluid, or gender non-conforming) with an incarcerated or formerly incarcerated loved one, you can take the survey here.  If you are organizing women or families in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama or Louisiana and are interested in partnering, please email

LGBTQ Southern Survey

US Human Rights Network has partnered with the Center for Civil and Human Rights’ LGBT Institute in conducting an LGBTQ Southern Survey for people who identify themselves as LGBTQ. This survey closes December 31, 2017. The data collected from the survey will document and examine the contemporary life circumstances and social experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) people living across the American South. For more information, please contact Ryan Roemerman.