CERD Shadow Reports

Shadow Reports

Check out the list of various Shadow Reports put together for the CERD review and the people that made them happen.


  • Report: Anti-Black Racism and the Descendants of Enslaved
    • Collaborators: Vernellia R. Randall, University of Dayton | Michael McEachrame, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Report: Voting Rights, Access to Civil Justice, and Death Penalty
    • Collaborator: Susana Gonzalez, NAACP | Jotaka L. Eaddy, NAACP
  • Report: Midwest Joint Shadow Report (Covering various issues)
    • Collaborator: Thandabantu Iverson, Trinity United Church of Christ (CERD Taskforce) | Peter Brown, Minnesota Tenants Union (CERD Taskforce) | Rev. Edward Pinkney, Benton Harbor, MI | Marian Baker, Detroit, MI
  • Report: Multi-Issue Shadow Report that covers Criminal Justice, Education, Employment, Housing, Immigration, Voting Rights and the Intersection of Race and Gender
    • Collaborators: June Zeitlin, , Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (CERD Taskforce) | Sakira Cook, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (CERD Taskforce)
  • Report: Multi-Issue Report that covers Racial Profiling (Focus on DOJ Guidance and Loophole for National Security and Border Profiling)
    • Collaborator: Chandra Bhatnagar, ACLU
  • Report: Various Shadow Reports
    • Lucy Rodriguez, Meiklejohn

Gun Violence

  • Report: African-American Gun Violence Victimization
    • Collaborators: Arthur R (Art) Kamm | Violence Policy Center | Rachel Ward, Amnesty Intl USA


  • Report: Education
    • Collaborators: Michael R. Hilton, Poverty & Race Research Action Council | Gary Orfield, Co-Director, Civil Rights Project/Proyecto UCLA
  • Report: The Interaction of CPS' Space Utilization Formula and Facilities Assessments with Long-Term Planning: The Consolidation of Two Elementary Schools
    • Cecile Carroll, Blocks Together, Chicago
  • Report: Chicago School Closings
    • Brian Citro, University of Chicago | Chicago Teachers Union | Collaborative for Equity and Justice in Education


  • Report: Housing
    • Collaborator: Megan Haberle, Poverty & Race Research Action Council 
  • Report: Chicago-Specific Shadow Report on Housing
    • Collaborators: Wiliiam J.R. Fleming, Chicago Anti-Eviction campaign | Chicago Independent Human Rights Council | Kay Fujiyoshi, Human Restoration Project | Laura Ramirez, Human Restoration Project
  • Report: Criminalization of Homelessness, Housing Affordability and Renters Rights
    • Collaborators: Jeremy Rosen, National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty | Eric Tars, National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty 
  • Report: Racist Practices of Mortgage Bankers in the Minneapolis St. Paul Metropolitan Area, 2008 to 2012
    • Collaborator: Ed Felien, Southside Pride
  • Report: Homeless Youth of Color in Chicago, Illinois: Access Denied
    • Ann Aviles de Bradley, Northeastern Illinois University | Ann Holcomb, Unity Parenting and Counseling

Healthcare and Reproductive Rights

  • Report: The Impact of Forced Psychiatry and Psychiatric Abuse on People of Color in the U.S
    • Collaborators: Tina Minkowitz & Cindi Fisher, Campaign to Repeal Mental Health Laws, M.O.M.S. - Movement Of Mothers and others Standing up together, and the Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
  • Report: Sex-Selective Abortion Laws with a Focus on Asian Americans
    • Collaborators: Brian Citro, University of Chicago, IHRC | Frederick William Watson, University of Chicago | Sital Kalantry, University of Chicago
  • Report: Discrimination in Reproductive Health Care Affecting Black Women, Immigrants and Latinas
    • Collaborators: Katrina Anderson, Center for Reproductive Rights | Monica Simpson, SisterSong Reproductive Justice Collective | Diana Lugo Martinez, National Latina Institute For Reproductive Health
  • Report: Reproductive Health Oppression in California Women's Prisons
    • Elizabeth Lejeune, Justice Now
  • Report: Intersection of HIV, Racism, Criminalization and Incarceration among Communities of Color
    • Suraj Madoori, AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Legal and Constitutional Issues

  • Report: Supreme Court Decisions on Affirmative Action, and Others Affecting Race
    • Collaborators: Paula R. Rhodes, University of Denver Law | Connie De La Vega, University of San Francisco Law School
  • Report: Access to Justice in Civil Cases, including Immigration Proceedings
    • Collaborators: Martha Davis. Northeastern Univ. School of Law | Erin Smith, Columbia Law School, HRI | Risa Kaufman, Columbia Law School, HRI

Criminal Justice & Legal and Constitutional Issues

  • Report: Police Crimes Against Women of Color with a focus on African Americans
    • Collaborator: Crista Noel, Women's All Points Bulletin

Criminal Justice

  • Report: Law Enforcement, Indigent Defense, Prosecution, Sentencing, Death Penalty, and Drug Policy
    • Collaborator: Marc Mauer, The Sentencing Project
  • Report: Meaningful Access to Counsel
    • Collaborator: Reena Shah, Maryland Legal Aid
  • Report: Suspicionless Surveillance of Muslim Communities and the Increased Use and Abuse of Muslim Informants
    • Susan Hu, Center for Constitutional Rights
  • Report: Impact of Disproportionate Incarceration of and Violence Against Black People with Mental Health Conditions in the World's Largest Jail System
    • Mark-Anthony Johnson, Dignity and Power Now
  • Report: Coercive Interrogations and Due Process Violations in the Confiscation or Revocation of Passports of American Citizens of Yemeni Origin
    • Nasrina Bargzie, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Asian Law Caucus | Arab Resource and Organizing Center
  • Report: Criminalization of Transgender, Transsexual and Gender Nonconforming People of Color
    • Andrea Ritchie, Coordinator, Streetwise and Safe (SAS) | J.M. Kirby, Human Rights Advocate, Best Practices Policy Project | Kate Mogulescu, Supervising Attorney, The Legal Aid Society, Trafficking Victims Advocacy Project
  • Report: Violations of CERD at the Communications Management Units
    • Nahal Zamani, Center for Constitional Rights

Rights of Indigenous Peoples:

  • Andrea Carmen, IITC, is helping to facilitate communications via conference calls and information-sharing among Indigenous Peoples who are in the process of developing Alternative Reports and can be reached at andrea [at] treatcouncil [dot] org
  • Report: Rights of Indigenous Peoples
    • Collaborators: Chief Gary Harrison, Chickaloon Village Traditional Council
  • Report: Indian Child Welfare Act
    • Collaborator: Nicole Friederichs, Indigenous Peoples Rights Clinic, Suffolk University Law School
  • Report: Trade Policy and Indigenous Peoples Rights
    • Collaborator: Tupac Enrique Acosta, TONATIERRA
  • Report: Yamasi People Shadow Report
    • Lori Johnston, Yamasi People


  • Report: Criminalization, Prosecution and Incarceration of Immigrants Convicted of Immigration Crimes (border crossing and recrossing, document fraud, visa violations, etc.)
    • Collaborator: Judy Greene, Justice Strategies | Bob Libal, Grassroots Leadership
  • Report: Customs and Border Patrol and the 2008 CERD recommendation regarding the Excessive Force, Lack of Accountability, and Lack of Transparency
    • Collaborators: Vahe Mesropyan, Student, University California, Irvine School of Law | Elena Leonard, University California Irvine School of Law | Maxwell Kent, University California Irvine School of Law
  • Report: Immigration Enforcement including Immigration Detainers, Secure Communities, and 287(g)
    • Collaborator: Jennifer Chan, Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights
  • Report: Written Statement on Deportations to Haiti
    • Collaborators: Caroline Bettinger-López, University of Miami School of Law | Marleine Bastien, Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc. | Americans for Immigrant Justice | Center for Constitutional Rights | Alternative Chance
  • Report: Illegally Denied: Migrant Farmworkers Fight For Access To Justice And Health Care In The United States
    • Lauren E. Bartlett, American University Washington College of Law

Children's Rights

  • Report: Legal Child labor in U.S
    • Collaborator: Julia Perez, MSEE
  • Report: Criminalization of Minority Youth: Youth who are tried as adults and imprisoned in the adult criminal justice system
    • Collaborator: Cindy Soohoo, Intl Women HR Clinic, CUNY Law (USHRN Board Chair) | ACLU Juvenile Life Without Parole Initative | Campaign for Youth Justice 
  • Report: Children's Rights
    • Collaborators: Marlene Sallo, American Bar Association Commission | Nicole Tennermann, New Alternatives for Children 
  • Report: Indian Child Welfare Act
    • Collaborator: Nicole Friederichs, Indigenous Peoples Rights Clinic, Suffolk University Law School
  • Report: Psychotropic Medication and Foster Youth, with a Focus on African-American Children, Particularly Girls
    • Collaborator: Stephanie Franklin, Franklin Law Group
  • Report: Impact of Incarceration on Children
    • Collaborators: Patricia Allard, Justice Strategies | Judy Green, Justice Strategies

Worker's Rights

  • The High Rate of Unemployment And Low Wage Workmin the Black Community in Chicago and State of Illinois
    • Collaborator: DeAngelo Bester, Worker's Center for Racial Justice
  • Racial Discrimination in the Legal Profession
    • Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) | Ruben J. Garcia, University of Nevada, Las Vegas | Olympia Duhart, Nova Southeastern University Law

State Inflicted and Other Violence

  • Report: The Effects of Overpolicing on Transwomen of Color
    • Collaborator: Sarah L. Dolan, Trafficking Victims Advocacy Project, Legal Aid Society
  • Report: Violence Against Women Across Communities of Color
    • Collaborator: Farah Tanis, Black Women's Blueprint


  • Report: State and Local Implementation
    • Collaborators: Risa Kaufman, HRI, Columbia Law School | JoAnn Kamuf Ward, HRI, Columbia Law School | International Association Of Official Human Rights Agencies
  • Report: A short primer on US federalism and the ICERD - by the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT)
    • Collaborators: Ruben J. Garcia, University of Nevada, Las Vegas | Olympia Duhart, Nova Southeastern University Law

Environmental Racism

  • Report: Disparate Impact Of Historic Uranium Mining And Processing Waste On Communities of Color
    • Collaborators: Eric Jantz, New Mexico Environmental Law Center | Susan Gordon, Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE)
  • Report: EPAs Failures Regarding the Clean Water Act and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act
    • Collaborators: Eric Jantz, New Mexico Environmental Law Center | SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP)
  • Report: Effort to Halt Racism, Racial Discrimination and Acts of Genocide Directed Towards the People of the City of Detroit in the United States of America
    • Abayomi Azikiwe on Behalf of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition and the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI)

Right to Water and Food

  • Report: Food Justice/ Unequal Availability of Nutritious Food (Stores and Opportunity/Space to Grow It) in Communities of Color
    • Collaborators: Peter Brown, Minnesota Tenants Union (CERD Taskforce) | LaDonna Redmond Campaign for Food Justice Now!
  • Report: Boston Water and Sewer - The Discriminatory Impacts of Water Shut Offs
    • Collaborators: Suren Moodliar, Fair Jobs, Massachusetts Global Action | Patricia Jones, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Political Rights

  • Report: Political Prisoners
    • Collaborator: Jihad Abdulmumit, National Jericho Movement
  • Report: USA COINTELPRO/Civil Rights Era Political Prisoners, State Repression, and the Criminalization of Dissent
    • Collaborator: Efia Nwangaza, Malcolm X Center for Self Determination


  • Report: Minnesota-Specific Shadow Report
    • Collaborator: Peter Brown, Minnesota Tenants Union 

Submitting Reports

Reports are to be sent to Salimah Hankins at shankins [at] ushrnetwork [dot] org by June 30.

If you are NOT planning to send your shadow report through USHRN, then you can send it directly to the CERD Committee by July 25, 2014 (20 copies if by hard mail).

Questions? Email Salimah Hankins shankins [at] ushrnetwork [dot] org.

The State Department asks that groups copy them at CERD@state.gov when they submit their shadow reports. This allows them to better prepare for the review. The shadow reports will be made public shortly after they are submitted to the UN.  

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