Spring for Human Rights

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The new federal administration continues to wield toxic rhetoric while enacting violent policies designed to cause fear and suffering in our communities. USHRN members and allies remain in a constant state of alertness to respond to escalating attacks on human rights and intensifying social, political, and economic conditions. Defenders of human rights are resisting in some of the largest mobilizations and actions the country has seen in generations.

This whirlwind of change makes the 2017 USHRN National Convening a critical space to build with each other, to strengthen our movements.

USHRN envisions our national convening in Atlanta this December as a space for collective healing, intersectional reflection, and cooperative strategy.

We want the USHRN 2017 National Convening to be a space for directly-impacted people, community organizers, communicators, movement lawyers, professors, culture bearers, workers, parents and funders to gather, heal from the past twelve months of Trump, reflect on how we got to this political moment in time, and intentionally intersect coordinated strategies to achieve a people-centered human rights movement in the US.

We can not do it without you. In fact, USHRN wants to do it with you. From now until the end of June in 2017, we’re raising funds for the Network and to ensure grassroots participation at the 2017 USHRN National Convening.

Spring for Human Rights today! Your donation will help to ensure grassroots participation at the US Human Rights Network National Convening in December 2017.