UPR: Universal Periodic Review

Next U.S. Government Universal Period Review To Take Place in 2015

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Basic Info

ABOUT THE UPR: The UPR is a full review of the human rights record of all countries that are members of the United Nations. It takes place every four years and offers an important opportunity to measure how the United States is meeting human rights obligations, including those related to economic, social and cultural rights. It offers opportunity to pressure the government to meet fully those obligations. The U.S. Government report is due the UN on January 19, 2015.

USHRN ROLE: USHRN coordinates and facilitates human rights and social justice groups in the U.S. efforts to inform and influence the Review process, and seeks to raise awareness of the international mechanism and its relevance to local groups work.

THE 2010 REVIEW: The U.S. was first reviewed in 2010.  USHRN coordinated groups efforts to influence the Review, which culminated in a 423 page civil society compilation submission.  USHRN prepared a civil society summary submission. Both the full compilation and the summary were submitted to the UN in April 2010. Click here to read the U.S. Government formal report submitted to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Report Submission Info

The deadline to submit reports for the UPR has passed. 


Please note that many of these resources were prepared for the 2010 review.  Keep on the lookout for new resources that will provide an overview of the current UPR.

For 2015:

From 2010: