Salimah Hankins


Salimah Hankins is the consultant drafting the 2015 human rights status report. Salimah has worked in the area of civil and human rights for over seven years. She has advocated for the rights of low-income clients of color as a civil rights attorney for the Fair Housing Justice Center and the ACLU of Maryland. Salimah has also served as legislative aide to a Massachusetts state senator, pro bono counsel at CAIR National, Director of Human Rights for a Brooklyn-based organization and was the Prisoners Right Law Clerk at Stern, Shapiro, Weissberg Garin, Boston. Her most recent article in Poverty and Race promotes using a human rights framework to address issues that have typically been within the purview of civil rights. Salimah also produced the 2013 Human Rights Status Report for USHRN. She is originally from New Orleans and has called Boston, Baltimore and Brooklyn home.

(Photo credit: Balthazar Beckett)