Leo Alicante

Senior Energy Technology Consultant

Based in Tulsa, Leo brings his technical and analytical background in energy engineering to shape the USHRN’s understanding and analysis of the future of the global energy sector.  As part of USHRN’s communications, research and evaluation team, Leo advises the development of research projects that connect scientific data and community knowledge to advance community-based initiatives to advance energy democracy. Mr. Alicante has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering along with almost a decade of experience, work and research in the Oil and Gas Industry in America’s heartland.  Leo’s inspiration for doing this work stems from having been born and raised on a small island off the west coast of Africa in a country that has since experienced an oil boom.  Leo is committed to understanding the impact of hydrocarbon extraction, its resulting resources and their distribution, as well as the impact of climate change on marginalized communities.

Email: lalicante@ushrnetwork.org

Twitter: @ushrnleo